Support for web browser


support for web browser

A web browser is the software used to surf the World Wide Web. However, it can become a security issue as it accesses the Internet and interacts with hundreds and thousands of websites. Some of these websites may contain malware that can find a place on your PC through website script. Hence, browser security is critical to keep computers and servers free from dangers of malware. It is essential to guarantee regular check on the security of your Web browsers.

At Techkangaroos, we offer expert browser support services for Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari. Our professionals ensure complete elimination of security threats to browsers such as Malware and other issues.

We provide technical support for following web browsers:

  • Support for Internet Explorer
  • Support for Mozilla Firefox
  • Support for Google Chrome
  • Support for Opera
  • Support for AOL

Our Services Includes:

  • Fix slow browser problem
  • Fix Hang-up problems
  • Fix start up problems
  • Update and Upgrade the browser
  • Install the corrupted files
  • dll and exe problems
  • Fix the registry error
  • Fix stop working issues
  • Virus and malware problems & etc..

Enjoy unlimited quality online support 24*7 by availing our yearly or life time plans!

Call our toll free number: 1-855-551-5005 to avail online assistance for all issues related to your Web Browsers.


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